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Welcome to is a free membership website. This is a blogging and shopping website that provides reminder services to all account holders. We strive to provide quality content to our members and also to increase options whenever they shop for gifts.

Automated Email Reminder Services

Members can set up unlimited number of automated email reminders in their accounts. They can select when to trigger the these reminder emails, the purpose of these reminders, at what time these reminders will be sent and also, the email accounts to send these reminders to.

Members can sign up with us using their personal email accounts while choosing to receive the email reminders in any of their other email accounts (for e.g their corporate accounts) as they desire.

Members also have a choice to set the email reminders either as yearly recurring or as one-offs. If the option of yearly recurring is selected, the program will send out automated email reminders over the next two decades.

All reminders can be manually edited or deleted under “My Reminders” section of the account.

Note: This website is created in Singapore and it follows GMT +8 hours. Automated email reminders will be sent in accordance to the Singapore local timezone.


Quality Contents

Quality product contents are maintained within the Blog segment of this website. This is separated from the shopping segment as a neat way to present the contents of the site. This allows members who are in a hurry to shop to put their focus on the shopping aspect completely. The shopping segments and blog posts are however, connected by hyperlinks to allow toggling between content and products.

More Gifts Options

Singapore is one of the most organised countries in Asia after Japan. Things are neat and systematic here. Systems promote efficiencies but they also bring along an unexpected byproduct – standardization. While standardization is not completely bad, too much of it breeds monotony. How many times have we been to a mall in Singapore only to find exactly the same things repeated in another mall at the opposite end of the island? hopes to resolve this issue of the boring same old things by offering more options and variety to our members. Here, our members can find artwork and handicrafts from far away as Ukraine and Poland. Even without going across the borders, our members can find unique and uncommon gift options from speciality stores in Singapore that do not have a retail presence at the major shopping malls.




We understand that privacy in this digital age is of paramount importance and we want to protect your privacy. On setting up an account at the website, we do not need very much of your personal details. All you need is your active email account, your name and your country of residence.

We design our registration this way because we want to ensure that your privacy is protected and the best way to protect it is to get the minimal details from you. You can rest assure that your details will not be breached to any third party advertising and marketing companies, not because there’s not much to begin with in the first place, but that we are serious about your privacy.

No Inventory Policy

As the webmaster, does not hold any inventory. Technically, we are not an online store. We liaise with vendors and merchants around the world and present to you the myraid of shopping and gift ideas around the world. All products are carefully screened and scrutinized before they are presented at our site. This means that we help you sieve out quality ideas from the junk. This saves you precious time shopping on the internet. 

This also means that the online transactions are conducted directly with the merchant and we play no part on the monetary transaction and will not be liable should any dispute occurs.


Pricing Difference Disclaimer

As we do not hold any inventory, we do not have any ownership or control over the pricing of the products presented at our website. The price you see at our website is accurate and updated at the time the merchandise are uploaded at our site. It is a common practice for online merchants to conduct their own promotions and these can happen abruptly. While we take pains to ensure that these do not happen, there may still be instances where the pricing turns out to be different from that at the merchant’s site. Should this happens, the final price will always follow that of the merchants’ websites. This will always be the rule of the thumb. We do not bear any responsibilities on any pricing differences as consumers will always be directed to the merchant’s product page with their updated prices before they check out and complete their purchases.

A copy of this disclaimer will also be presented at our terms and conditions which will be shown to our members when they sign up an account with us.

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