The Star’s Guide to Gifting (Part 2)

Libra: 24/09 – 23/10

Born nature lovers, a typical Libra if a fan of natural beauty and comfort. They seek out peace and harmony in every aspect of their lives. They also tend to be rather easy-going. These traits make the Libra an easy person to buy a gift for.

Choose gifts that are made with natural and organic materials, such as organic cotton bedsheets or comforter, organic cotton shirts, gourmet organic chocolates or a bouquet of their favourite flowers. A well thought out and creative gift with a personal touch will also please them, such as a photo frame with their favourite photo, or a customised wallet cardholder or keychain.

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Scorpio: 24/10 – 22/11

Individuals bearing this sign are known to be passionate, intense and steadfast. As they also have a sentimental side, they will appreciate the thought and effort put into their gifts.

Fine jewellery, branded perfumes and colognes, and gourmet chocolates will tickle their fancy. Bonus points if you can remember their favourite gemstones, scent and taste. Other ideal gifts include a surprise romantic getaway for just the two of you and books on their interests.

We have a collection of exquisite gemstone necklaces perfect as costume jewellery and they make great gifts for their colour and uniqueness.

Geode Necklace Rock Crystal Jewelry

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Sagittarius: 23/11 – 21/12

The Sagittarius are best known to be lively, outspoken, optimistic, and with a strong sense of wanderlust and taste for adventure. They are also often widely-read and have a thirst for knowledge.

With these in mind, ideal gifts include travel accessories, an adventurous trip for two and books on their favourite topics

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Capricorn: 22/12 – 20/01

This sign is synonymous with practicality, simplicity and functionality. They are hardworking and always on the go and out and about, although they do appreciate a nice relaxing day at home every now and then.

Capricorn gift ideas include fine perfumes and colognes to keep them fresh while being out and about, personalised personal organisers, and organic cotton bathrobes.

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Aquarius: 21/01 – 19/02

Aquarians are generally open-minded, sociable and intellectual. Anything entertaining, though-provoking and exciting can easily catch their attention. The latest gadgets and tools fascinate them, and can keep them occupied for a long time. They are also attracted to the finer things in life.

The key to getting an ideal gift for an Aquarius is novelty. Hence we suggest gifts such as the latest gadgets, a gourmet dinner at a fancy restaurant, fine watches, designer wear and books on his favourite topics.

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Pisces: 20/02 – 20/03

Creativity, imagination and versatility are what come to mind when one thinks of a Piscean individual. They can be hopeless romantics, dreamy and deeply emotional and sentimental.

Ideal gifts include a bouquet of their favourite flowers, personalised jewellery like an engraved locket, familiar perfumes or colognes, and books and movies on romance or fantasy.

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