The Story of Tiger – A Mackerel Tabby

Tiger – the mackerel tabby is a strong willed alpha male

I can’t tell exactly when it started or how it did. My memories traced back 2 years before when I first wandered into this stretch of road that became my home eventually. But back then, I had no idea where this road would lead me to. I had been wandering around, without food and shelter. I was homeless. My previous owners moved out of the street and left me to fend for myself. It gets very hot in this tropical climate and torrential rains are common. I was seeking refuge from the harsh weather conditions. It’s not easy to find a safe shelter that is unmarked by other stray cats or dogs. Strays have territorial instinct and it may cost me a few bites should I carelessly wander into a guarded territory. I was too small to fight back then. I came here looking for shelter and little did I know I would find myself a cozy home.

Tiger resting under the shade in a hot afternoon

The owners of this house are friendly to animals. Despite already having 2 dogs and a cat, they extended their kindness to me and welcomed me to feed at their doorstep. They would leave dry cat food for me every morning. The house owners will come up and talk to me. I responded by meowing at them. I returned to this same household day after day. They decided to call me “Tiger” due to the distinguishing stripes on my body. I continued to explore the houses along the same stretch of road. There are other friendly neighbours and at least one other house owner would leave dry food at their doorstep for me.

Lucy resting on the shoe cabinet

Soon, other cats begin seeking shelter along the same stretch of road. There is a brother-and-sister pair that show up often here. The owners of the house continued to receive them with open arms. My territorial instincts are telling me to chase the pair of siblings away. I confronted and challenged the older brother and found that he is meek and shy. He was no match for me and chose to run away without putting up much of a fight. The house owners stopped me from fighting him. They seem to like them also and named them Elvis and Lucy. As Elvis had no intentions of challenging my alpha-male status, I decided to put up with his presence and share my living space with him. Lucy, on the other hand, is feisty and has a strong and wild character. Not long after that, our human friends brought us to the vet to be sterilized.

Elvis sleeping soundly in his cozy bed

I have been a very fortunate cat to encounter very kind human beings who are willing to care for me and other strays. Remembering my days as a wandering feral, I understand the desperation and sense of hopelessness. One day, the house owner told me about his collaboration with Causes for Animals. He wanted to champion a fund raising project in Kickstarter to help other strays in Singapore! And I will be featured as the main character to promote animal welfare!

Look out for our Kickstarter project and support us! 25% of the proceed will be given to Causes for Animals (Singapore). The rest of the proceed will be used to cover the cost of producing the merchandise, the logistics, shipping and administrative expenses.

Buy a cotton shopping bag, plastic travel pouch or both! Support us now and help the little stray animals sharing our living spaces!

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