Turning Tiger into a Cartoon Character

I am playing an important role in the Kickstarter project. This is a campaign brought to you through the collaboration between “ididnotforgetouranniversary.com” and “Causes for Animals”. The purpose is not just to raise funds for CAS but more importantly, to promote animal welfare awareness in Singapore.

I will be the main model to pose for the banners, posters and labels which will appear in all merchandise and communication media. After some intense discussion and brain-storming, the marketing team decided to create a caricature of me to be printed on the A3-size cotton bags. There will be travel pouches bearing my pictures too.  

“But I am too fat for the camera!”

Tiger’s look of disbelief when he was told of his main role in the Kickstarter campaign.

Drawing the caricature of me is not a simple process. The marketing team argued over which of my traits to be accentuated for the best effects. Considerations include focusing on my ever increasing waist-line, my frequent meowing and my alpha-male instincts.

Finally, everyone unanimously agreed on my jovial and optimistic character as the main focal point. The digital artist was then tasked to create a drawing that reflects this trait. I was very keen to find out how this was done. The digital artist explained the process with so much technical jargon that it confused me. But in short, the process can be explained in 4 simple steps illustrated below.

Turning Tiger into a Caricature

Step 1: Take a photo of Tiger. 

Step 2: Enlarge the picture

Step 3: Trace over the photo.

Step 4: Add colour & its done!

With this caricature, design for the cotton bags began. In our busy everyday lives, we sometimes forget to show care and concern to the little animals that share our living spaces. We may have become desensitized on the surface but deep inside, we still feel and care about them. The marketing team wanted to bring out this message and they believed this is best expressed through the shape of a heart. So it’s back to the drawing board again. The digital artist came out with this:

Design for Cotton Shopping Bag

This design was promptly accepted after receiving positive feedback from a few random members of the public. I am looking forward to the print production! Comment or leave a message below if you like this design!

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